Unit Name Cost


Melee Attack Power Ranged Attack Power Strength Against Melees in Defense Strength Against Ranged in Defense Food Consumption Unlocked


Ideal For?
Spearman 30 26 N/A 26 8 2 Barracks Level 1 Attack/Defense
Maceman 45 38 N/A 38 6 2 Barracks Level 1 Attack/Defense
Bowman 35 N/A 24 8 24 2 Barracks Level 2 Attack/Defense
Crossbowman 50 N/A 36 6 36 2 Barracks Level 2 Attack/Defense
Swordsman 85 61 N/A 5 3 3 Barracks Level 3 Attack
Archer 70 N/A 10 53 55 3 Barracks Level 3 Defense
Halberdier 95 17 N/A 135 45 4 Barracks Level 4 Defense
Two-Handed Swordsman 115 109 N/A 19 5 4 Barracks Level 4 Attack
Longbowman 90 N/A 20 51 125 4 Barracks Level 5 Defense
Heavy Crossbowman 110 N/A 92 15 24 4 Barracks Level 5 Attack
Veteran Spearman 160 15 N/A 142 52 4 Researching "Veteran Spearman" and a Level 1 Barracks Defense
Veteran Maceman 230 118 N/A 20 6 4 Researching "Veteran Maceman" and a Level 1 Barracks Attack
Veteran Bowman N/A 18 59 132 4 Researching "Veteran Bowman" and Level 2 Barracks Defense
Veteran Crossbowman N/A 98 16 26 4 Researching "Veteran Crossbowman" and Level 2 Barracks Attack
Veteran Swordsman 111 N/A 138 72 6 Researching "Veteran Swordsman" and Level 3 Barracks Attack/Defense
Veteran Archer Researching "Veteran Archer" and Level 3 Barracks
Veteran Halberdier 15 N/A 145 55 4 Researching "Veteran Halberdier" and Level 4 Barracks Defense
Veteran Two-Handed Swordsman 125 N/A 20 6 4 Researching "Veteran Two-Handed Swordsman" and Level 4 Barracks Attack
Veteran Longbowman Researching "Veteran Longbowman" and Level 5 Barracks
Veteran Heavy Crossbowman N/A 145 16 26 4 Researching "Veteran Heavy Crossbowman" and Level 5 Barracks Attack
Sentinel of the Kingsguard 14 N/A 150 59 4 Alliance owns a Capital, or have a rank of "The Conquerer" or higner Defense
Knight of the Kingsguard 132 N/A 18 6 4 Alliance owns a Capital, or have a rank of "The Conquerer" or higner Attack
Scout of the Kingsguard N/A 16 64 139 4 Alliance owns a Capital, or have a rank of "The Conquerer" or higner Defense
Crossbowman of the Kingsguard N/A 121 14 23 4 Alliance owns a Capital, or have a rank of "The Conquerer" or higner Attack

Ok, so maybe it isn't complete, but you've got to cut me a little slack, I am only missing the 2 kraken units, and the 2 dragon units. And that's because the blade coast is for ruby buyers, and I'm too weak to fight a dragon prince just yet. So, if any level 70 ruby buyer happens to wander across with those require pics, please post them to the gallery on this page. Also, I do not have confirmation of this, however Vishal Verma on Chakravyuhhas written a guide on the Thorn King, and while he did not mention it, I believe there may be a few supernatural defenders at the bridge, like the Kraken in the Blade Coast. If there isn't, it does make sense for there to be one, but that event is already hard enough without the added challenge. Anyway, enjoy!

P.S. I have around 250 pics to upload and caption, so it may take a week or two for me to get this all up. Feel free to add an ACCURATE coin or resource cost to the end of each caption if applicable. Meanwhile, feel free to edit anything, as long as it is ACCURATE.

Empty boxes are MISSING INFO, if you have the information, please put it in. If the unit doesn't have the attribute listed, such as ranged attack on Spearman it goes in as N/A, please don't leave it blank for that. Thank you!

Gallery of Unit PicturesEdit

Please put any pictures of the units here, Thanks!

Veteran Units Edit

When you research them in the Research tower, their regular counterparts are replaced by them (e.g. If you research Veteran Spearman, in your barracks, the regular Spearman will be replaced by its Veteran counterpart. Veteran units are much stronger than their normal counterparts, but cost more coins, may eat more food, and may take longer to train.