Policy here is very simple. A few rules:

1. Do not be destructive. This means that you are not to delete content that is doing its function, or to add pages of meaningless or non-related stuff. If you have something other to say, and you must say it, say it in the forums or at the watercooler. 

2. Make sure content you add is not already on. This is very simple to follow, if you need to check, type in what your content is about in the search bar of the wiki and see what comes up. If the content you want to add is not there, I encourage you to add it. If it is there, leave it alone if you find no fault with it, or edit it if you believe it could be improved. 

3. Be able to play Goodgame Empire. There isn't much point in looking at this wiki unless you can play the game, and if you are planning to edit this wiki, you have to have a basic understanding of the game and how it works. You do not have to play the game, just make sure that you are using and editing this wiki effectively. 

Thank you for looking at this Policy page and may you have a good experience on this wiki!